Partying Like a Zombie 101: A Beginners Guide April 26, 2019 22:50

When you were a kid Halloween was easy. Dress up like a princess or pirate. Knock on neighboring doors, say the magic words, and boom, sugar pours into your booty bag. Now that you're all grown up, Halloween requires a little extra planning and prep, and a lot more booze. And good news — this year the full moon rises October 24th, a week before the big night. So guess what? You get an extra seven days to get your freak on! Here are a few tips on how to make your undead week even livelier...

Whether you're going clubbing, or hosting a house party, first impressions mean everything. So if you want to party like a zombie, first you have to learn to walk like one. And there's no one better to show you how than Lorin Eric Salm, certified Hollywood zombie-walk trainer. Here's his short course on “The Zombie Walk”. It requires way more uncoordination than you might think:

Next comes proper attire. The kind of flipped-out fun stuff that tells the rest of the undead just what your intentions for Halloween week truly are. Shirts that say LET'S GET SHEET FACED or DRINK UP WITCHES or I'M HERE FOR THE BOOS and more. Check out the new assortment from the spirited folks at HG Apparel, makers of otherworldly apparel for all occasions:

Okay, so now you're able to walk like a zombie, and you're properly dressed, but what happens when you hit the dance floor? Got you covered! What could be better than moonwalking like Michael Jackson on the aforementioned moonrise, and forever after? C'mon, you know you've always wanted to learn how. Now you can with this way-cool step-by-step instruction video from El Tiro:

Moonwalking's not exactly your speed? Got you covered again! Lisa McCammon and company teach you an easy-to-learn and totally creepy Zombie Line Dance in the following link, proving in the process that older souls still have plenty of life left in them:

But what about the “other” kind of spirits, you might ask? The vision-inducing kind? If you're ready to party like there's no tomorrow and can boof like a judge, here are the 10 must-have ingredients to create THE perfect zombie cocktail, courtesy of Best Drink Recipes. Stock up on supplies now so you can practice making them early (and practice often):

There you go! Your recipe for a zombie party you'll never forget...or never remember. If you're still alive on November 1st, see you next year!