Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly Christmas Sweaters & Funny Long Sleeve X-Mas Shirts

Are you ready to get your holiday party on? It’s that time of year once again – time to don your ugly Christmas sweater and head off for a family photo op over eggnog and schnitzel or to the obligatory office Christmas party where you’re trying to kernoodle your way into a promotion by spiking the punch. If you are yet to get in on the ugly Xmas sweater trend, you’re in luck.

We’ve got a boatload of funny Christmas sweaters and long sleeve shirts for men and women coming your way with our hilarious ugly Christmas clothing collection that will be sure to be a big hit wherever you wear it!

While tracing the origins of the ugly Christmas sweater is a bit dicey...was it Clark W. Griswold who wore it best in “Christmas Vacation”? The truth is you will find the ugliest of ugly when shopping with us. We know that you really want to stand out this holiday so we put a little extra umpf on our hideous Christmas sweaters this year just for you.

You’ll find an assortment of sweaters bearing the hallmarks of holiday ugliness – from not-so-merry sayings like “Merry Christmas, Bitches” to depictions of the man of the hour, Santa Claus. yes, Kris Kringle himself – being a horny old man by asking “Where My Ho’s At?” The Grinch would be proud, and so will your bros. Grandma, not so much.

Wear our ugly Christmas sweaters for guys and girls to make a big impression and spread your own unique blend of Christmas cheer to all. With one look at the holiday befuddlement that is “Merry Fucking Christmas,” anyone within close proximity is bound to break out in raucous holiday laughter. Rock your long sleeve ugly Christmas shirt to go against the grain and be “that guy” that makes everyone giggle just a little, or maybe a whole lot depending on your sense of humor.

We have assembled a perfect mix of ugly Christmas sweaters and funny holiday shirts to attack the funny bones of all of the ladies and gents this Christmas, whether you’re saying “Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal,” aka Kevin McCallister in the holiday classic “Home Alone,” or boasting your status as a chick magnet with a long sleeve Christmas shirt that says “I Got Ho’s in Different Area Codes,” we’re sure you’ll find the right level of humor to make this year’s festivities overly merry and pretty damn bright.

Choose your poison and order soon. Not wearing an ugly Christmas sweater pits you on the same tall, lonely mountain with The Grinch – and no one wants that.

Check out our awesome collection to find the best selection of ugly Christmas sweaters. These sweaters are sure to fly off our shelves faster than Santa’s reindeer on a slippery roof top, and we’d hate like hell if you missed out.

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